Friday, July 08, 2005

The funniest thing in New York...

As pointed out by my good friend Brendan Hughes, the funniest thing in New York right now is in Union Square. There's a big sign right above the Virgin Megastore that's purpose was to count down the days, hours, minutes, seconds until the Olympic's City Decision (which conviently replaced a sign that showed the growing national debt). For the past few days it has read "" HAHAHA! That is comedy! When you see it, point at it and laugh! Had a good Guffaw at Bloomberg! Do the same when you see one of those sign that says "There will be friends and friends of friends to guide you." Point and yell "No There won't!! HAHAHA!! I wouldn't doubt if there's a sick part in Mikey's brain going "Bombings in London? Maybe the commitee will change their minds."

Note: The last line is no way making fun of the events in London, but rather the mayor's obsession with getting the Olympics. I just wonder how high on his list of priorities the games are. I ask the question is he holding up his two hands like scales going "Hmm. Tragic loss of human getting my games...loss of"

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Taylor said...

wait wasn't it the time? not the national debt... like it was time of the day that passed ie: 10:40:17 and the time left ie: 43:19:13 right?