Thursday, September 01, 2005

Worship It

My bathtub is so clogged that the backed up water takes forever to drain after a shower. So I've been taking showers with my feet in water that's days old. But I say to myself, well it's no worse the the Ganges and that's a holy place. So if anyone wants to worship and pray in my bathtub, you know how to find me.

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JenIsFamous said...

I am great at fixing things like this! Do you need some lye? If you use a screwdriver to remove the drain cover, then dump in a tablespoon of lye (with a plastic spoon which you would then dispose of), wait 20 minutes, and rinse with cold water, that should help things. Strangely, lye is only sold in bottles that are much larger than what a normal person would use to unclog all the drains in every house they would ever live in in their entire lives.