Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I am the Snake on this Train

I’m on a Train to Boston. Yes, train.

I decided to splurge because I wanted to be comfortable and on time, but of course it worked out that the train was 40 minutes late and I’m going be in Boston 15 minutes before the first show I’m supposed to do starts. Indeed I shall rush over to the Studio.

On this train I’m listening to music and what I’m into right now is something I’m gona call Brit Hop. British Hip Hop. Its getting bigger and bigger. Actually I don’t know if that’s true at all. It is to me. I feel like a lot of people have heard of Dizzee Rascal, The Streets and MIA, but I’m listening to some people that haven’t quite caught on in America. First off there’s JME.

I’m digging JME. Someone friended me on the Myspace and had his music on their page. I went to his page and I was like “whadda hell?” He’s got some nice syncopated beats and a flow that reminds me on a conversational Busta Rhymes. Some of his lines are so simple that they’re absurdly hilarious like the beginning of his song “Awoh”

Boy you better know
Boy you better know
That’s me
So Shh Hut Yuh Muh
You need to tighten up your CV (British for resume)
Microsoft Word
That’s you
You’re a nerd
Stop MCing go to the shops
Have a drink

At first, I didn’t know if he knew he stuff was funny. When I heard what I believe was his hit “Serious” (at least for the fact that he references it in most of his other songs), I saw that he knew. The first lines go

Everybody thinks to MC tough
Your lyrics must be about nega’ive stuff.
Go ravin, no one skankin,
Turn round, I bet you someon’s shankin’
Just cuz we come from the guttah
And we know about scrapin the bott’m of da buttah
Don’t mean we have to be sinners
Major labels don’t want killers
Who’s gonna sign a guy with a shank
Or a guy wif a 9mil
All you’re gonna get is a free freak-a-dil
You MC a rave and get a bill
But that bill ain’t gon last
It will go fast
And it might be the last chips for a while
So you won’t have no dough for a while

To the beat
Just bob your head to the beat
If you don’t wanna dance to the beat
Just bob your head to the beat
If you don’t wanna dance or lean back
Then bob your head to the beat
If you don’t wanna dance to the beat
Just bob your head to the beat

And you will bob your head.

Also, there’s Lady Sovereign (she’s in JME’s top friends and he’s in hers). She calls herself the biggest midget in the game. Already funny. She’s got a really interesting voice and style with songs like “Shh!” and “Adidas Hoodie.” And ya gotsta to remember in England they pronounce it AH-dee-das unlike here where we pronounce it ah-DEE-das.

Here’s the “Adidas Hoodie Remix” and its Mizz Beats Ft Lady Sovereign, Skepta, JME, Ears, Jammer & Baby Blue. Enjoy.

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Kyria said...

I love British hiphop because it's so... sweet. Talking about 9 mm in a country where the cops don't carry guns. Awwwe. So cute. I'm also a big fan of Buck 65, from Nova Scotia with lines like "Especially when the Canadian bacon gets sizzlin'. Isn't it a sin when the ceiling is invisible?"

Mentions Canada, bacon, then rhymes "sizzling" with "invisible" in one foul swoop.

Sven Wechsler said...

That British chick looks bangin. I bet she really kicks the rhymes... I'm so white.

Oh, and my blog has moved to: http://svenwechsler.blogspot.com/
If you could update the link you have graciously posted, that would be tip-top.

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Anonymous said...

JME's lyrics ..... its "three figure deal" aka get 100 quid lol

as for cops not carrying guns.. thats why it is scary pal.... no 1 is armed and then them gangsters shootin up places, and no1 can buck back....

if u like JME i reccomend wyley, lethal B and sway mate too

Anonymous said...

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