Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pilot Season

Its pilot season people! I, Baron Vaughn, actor, have been going out for a lot of audition as of late. With that comes reading a lot of scripts. Since I've started to write more and more of my own stuff the structure and tricks of a script are more apparent to me then they've ever been. Especially if I keep seeing the same thing used in the same way.

in every sciprt EVER
there's someone that's a high powered something
whether its a man or woman and they're trying to be a good parent
and they ALWAYS promise their son/daughter
i'll MAKE it to your recital
kid goes "you sure mom/dad?"
yes, yes i am.
why do all these kids base so much of how they love their parent on coming to recitals? don't they watch movies in movies? it never works out.
you fucking can't play the violin
why is it important to you for rich dad to see you suck

: hahaha

i'd be like please DON'T come
i don't know how to tune this thing
go make money
and buy me something so i'll feel better about how much i suck

Josh: haha

Ice cream and a car can take away the pain of playing the theme to Jurassic Park off key


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