Tuesday, March 29, 2005

for good measure a complete list of all black persons employed as cast members on Saturday Night Live

1. Garrett Morris
2. Eddie Murphy
3. Yvonne Hudson
4. Damon Wayans
5. Danitra Vance
6. Tim Meadows
7. Chris Rock
8. Ellen Cleghorne
9. Tracy Morgan
10. Maya Rudolph
11. Dean Edwards
12. Jerry Minor
13. Finesse Mitchell
14. Kenan Thompson
(Number with "M" last names: 6)


Elon James White said...

Is Maya Rudolph black?

Baron said...

I debated putting her on, but if she's black enough to do Beyonce' impressions, she's black enough to be on the list. Besides, I think she's funny so I claim this woman for Negro!

Elon James White said...

But wait, doesnt The blond girl do an impression of Paula Abdul? With like no make up on either? lol. I do think maya's funny though. Can we trade Finnesse Mitchell for Darrall Hammond?.