Monday, March 28, 2005


Some thoughts about riding the Subway

When you hold the pole, you are holding hands with every person who has ever held the pole. Same goes with sitting down. Next time you get into a fight with a stanger remember how much hand holding and ass rubbing you've done and hold it close to your heart of hate. It may help.


When you get a chance, make sure to ride the 1/9 or the A train on a hot humid summer day during rush hour between 42nd St and Columbus Circle. Ride it back and forth all day while the sun is up for an entire week and that will be the closest you ever ever get to knowing what its like to be in a slave ship. (and its still not that close)

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TheUrbanChattier said...

Never thought of it that way [riding from 42nd to Columbus Circle...than back on a hot humid day] BUT I'll take your word for it.