Thursday, August 18, 2005

Planet X

So they found another planet in our solar system. A 10th planet! Of course, that ignites the debate of if Pluto is a planet or not as we all know and have discussed voraciously with friends, neighbors, clergy and town officials. I mean its just common sense. Mike Brown (who has an asteroid named after him - don't worry someone else named it after him not himself you judgemental bastard) discovered the planet and nicknamed it "Xena." Yes as in "warrior princess." When asked why, he said the show was his favorite when he started the search and that females are under-represented in planetary nomenclature. Yes, Mike Brown, what better way to excite and involve women in the solar system than naming a planet after a mythic lesbian warrior that had a show on FOX? Good going!! I guess the women that actually did watch Xena are probably the same 10 women that are interested in the 10th planet. The only other suitable female names are Oprah and Hilary. Either of those would have passed with flying colors. Not Condoleeza though. That's a constellation. Don't know why, but that's funny.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the things a Google search can uncover...check your hotmail account, Baron.


Carolyn said...

Condoleeza is a black hole.

WOAH! Double entendre! Unintentional, yet HILARIOUS!

I'm no dyke, but I kinda like Xena. There's just something about that Lucy Lawless. She's so, "Ay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!" You know? And that's how I feel about the planets.

By Gustav Holst. Not the actual planets. Sorry for any confusion.

Baron said...

Condoleeza is a black hole was the first thing I thought, but for some reason saying she's a constellation is better to me because then people will be like "No She's a Black Hole!" and then we all are a part of it.

Josh said...

The last two entries have had Condoleeza references. I think SOMEONE is tooootally crushing!

Carolyn said...

I love how you always keep it interactive, Vaughn. Josh - it's true! I'm in love. It's just the way she almost gets teary-eyed when she lies and the way her voice gets all high pitched and nervous - it makes her seem vulnerable to me... (Um, by the way - I just linked you. I've been meaning to say hi on email - I'm a busy beaver!)

Beaver - get it? (sigh...)