Monday, August 22, 2005

Postmodern Teen Angst

A snippet of a conversation 2 teenage girls had next to me on the R train on Sunday afternoon. These two girls were having a rather passionate debate over what one of them should do with their lives. She really likes creative writing, but has the test scores to become a biologist, doctor or lawyer. Listening to these girls talk was like every sardonic, informed teenager cliche' rolled into one big stew.

1st GIRL
It's a Dog Eat Dog world! You have do to something important that has some sort of impact on humaanity! That has meaning!

2nd GIRL
How do you know writing isn't important or has meaning to me?

1st GIRL
Ok, fine! Waste your life trying to be a professional writer! (then something about when she fails how I'll have told you so but more dramatic and erudite. I believe the word "doom" was used)

2nd GIRL
Who said I wanted to be a professional writer? I'm way too materialistic to pursue that. I told you that.

It took a great deal of strength to not reach out and shake them mercilessly. I had to make myself remember it doesn't look good to a passer-by to see a black man angrily shaking too teenage girls while yelling "You shouldn't exist!" Yeah, that'd be hard to explain.


Ben said...

LOL! I will now forever have this image stuck somewhere in my psyche: Baron throttling inane teenage girls, shouting, "You shouldn't exist! You shouldn't exist!"

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leatherargento said...

If you can point them out, I'll do it! I'm a round-faced, pallid-white, very-light-brown-haired female, 30yrs old but keeps getting carded (starting to enjoy it). I hate them already.

Maybe they'd think I was some sort of relative and walk on by...