Friday, November 25, 2005


I haven't written in a long while because I have a very temperamental internet connection. In fact, I guarantee my connection will go off 5 times while writing this and I'll have to wait an hour or 2 afterwards to load it onto my page. Most likely, I'll press "publish" and it'll go to a "Page Not Found" and i'll hit the "Back" button and "everything" I wrote will be "gone" and I will say "Fuck." I'll try copying it beforehand.

I've had a lot to say since last I wrote. Begin now.

Here's a thought I had yesterday. I think one of our tragic flaws as a country is having a dependence on a finite substance: oil. This is something I think will contribute to our downfall as an empire. Also, it's something we don't really have much of here in the US. We get the majority of it elsewhere. We should use something we have plently of as a fuel source. Like righteous directionless indignation. Or cynical suburban white teenagers who talk like their a Tupac/Keanu hybrid. How about we use something we have plently of in the US as a new fuel source: unwanted pregnancies. SURE! Since, Roe v. Wade might be overturned soon, how about taking those fetuses from teen mothers, grinding them up and putting that potent goo in those Hummers. With the rising teen pregnancy rates that's a fuel source we could rely on for thousands of years. Problem solved. Rambling finished.

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