Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I return

I'm actually gonna start blogging again. I'm gonna make myself blog everyday because its good for me. It allows me to unlock the floodgates of my creativity as they said to me back in 3rd grade.

So the thing is this, not all of this will make sense.

Some of it will be random ass shit.

Some of it will be insightful.

Some of it will be ramblingnessity.

Personally I think you learn more about a person through how they ramble and go on tnagents. You just gotta learn how to decipher the code. Rambling is when you see how the mind actually analyzes, processes and puts together all the random info infiltrating our minds at all times. Most of us express ourselves in a way someone else taught us that is considered neutral.

Rambling is natural. You gotta learn how to harness the power of rambling like its a wild beast you can tame. Rambling is sometimes like unpacking the brain of info so that you can connect to the real message and/or important info lurking at the bottom of the pile.

Embrace rambling until you have nothing to ramble about.

See random but I like it - me gusta.

A joke....

I'm happy about Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong. I'm a huge Peter Jackson fan and I'm happy to finally see him tackling the issue of interracial relationships

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Stacy Green said...

ohhh King Kong and interracial relationships.....ooohh did yua have to go there ?! :) yes, we were all thinking it but we'd just got done convincing ourselves it was about man's brave quest to understand the brutish forces of nature.