Wednesday, December 20, 2006

and i'm back!!!

I'm at home in vegas right now for the holidays. Chillin out maxin relaxin all cool and all getting familiar with my new laptop that i'll never EVER lose. word

this is a section from a documntary a comedian i know named Steve Stover is making check it out


Mark Davis said...

That was really cool.

Patton oswalt says a great way to dealwith peopel talkignin the audience isnot talking louder, but quieter. I've tried it at open mics and have found it works.

jairo said...

Very good idea. Similar to a discussion I saw on this Last Minute Travel.

Sven Wechsler said...

I don't understand why only black ghosts come to see them. I'm sure there were some Jewish ghosts at the show.

Anonymous said...

Relax and Enjoy !!!!