Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Eve/ Someone to Watch

I got a phone call about 11:30 on friday night.
"I'm in Vegas."

For those of you who do not know, Las Vegas is my hometown and I'm here for the holidays. I was chillin out maxin, relaxin all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school when I got this call. A friend of mine, the lovely and talented Tracie Thoms was on her way back to Baltimore from LA with a connecting flight through Vegas. Her flight was 45 minutes late getting to Vegas thus she missed her connecting flight home. The next flight wasn't until 4:30 the next afternoon.

I stayed on the phone with Tracie while she narrated her journey on the shuttle from the airport to her "hotel." The Super 8 Motel. Now when you're in Vegas and you hear the word hotel, you might get a little excited. This was - how do you say - a kick to the balls. Yeah that seems to capture it. Needless to say, tracie was taken aback by how "real" everything was. Oh Indeed. That was the word she kept using "real."

She went into the casino next door to the Super 8, Ellis Island, which is a small place right behind the strip. Behind the Bally's And Caesar's Palace. Its a part of Vegas that lives in the shadows of what you see on TV and in the movies. For a reason. Tracie narrated her journey into Ellis Island continuously reiterating how "real" everything was. There were a lot of bikers in the bar singing karaoke. By the way, when I say bikers, the stereotypical image you had in your head? Worse than that. Tracie decided not to stay and sing her showstopping rendition of "Free Bird."

Tracie found something in her room that was very telling. They gave her a care package of pills that prevent hangovers called Chasers, eye drops to prevent red and skin conditioner. Not Soap. Skin Conditioner. Apparently it's a post shower cream to put on your skin. Yeah, it was confusing to me too. Its somewhere between soap and lotion. With those items the hotel is assuming a lot about why you're there.

"Hey come on in! So we got you some things for the reason you're probably here. That's right!! we got you Chasers to cure the hangover you'll get from your current drunken daze, drops for those weed soaked 4am eyes, and skin conditioner so your wife won't be able to detect the smell of that street skank whose bottom lip you're chewing on. Leave a tip!!"

Tracie is on the rise. She's a dynamic performer that you may have seen on TV in "Cold Case," and the hilarious but short lived "Wonderfalls." She's currently working on Quentin Tarantino's new movie, was in "The Devil Wears Prada," and played Joanne in the movie version of Rent. She's a focused individual on and off stage and can only be described as a force. I mean the woman went to Howard and Juilliard so she got the chops. Razor sharp.

So you 6 people that read this. Go and support Tracie.

Oh yeah...Check out this video. It's like a messed up Rat Pack. Its the brainchild of Trevor Moore from the Whitest Kids You Know.


jimi said...

Long tiem reader, first time commenter.
Your Time-Warner holiday ad is/was running in my market. Wondering if you wanted to chat about doing this kind of caricature work. When I saw it, it reminded me of Eddie Steeples "Staples" ads and Vaughn Lowery's "Boxer Boogie" campaign. I came away feeling fetished. If you wanna chat about it for my blog, hit me up.

Man On The Street said...

Glad to hear about your friend Tracie. Just worried about her appearance in a Tarantino movie. Maybe it's just me, but I find it annoying the way he has all of the black people in his movies be "black"... I mean, 70s explotation-movie black, saying-nigger-more-times-than-Michale-Richards-on-speed black. He does give black actors work, gotta say that, but he makes them work for it. Anyway, nice blog... again

Kyria said...

I saw that video over at Dan's. It's just lovely, and you are my favorite part!

Charles Star said...

Ellis Island Casino? Seriously?

I picture surly immigration officials marking the garments of those who look unhealthy and changing the names of everyone that they let in.

Frank Bell said...

i'm one to talk, but i think it's time you update your blog hehe... that and whats with all the sex spam in ze comments?

Anonymous said...

I am probably one of the few people who owns all the Wonderfalls episodes on dvd. Great show. And Tracie was fabulous in it.