Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ghost Driver

Can you see what the name is?
Look closer.

yup. that's right. my cab driver the other day was a ghost. I literally did a Laurel and Hardy double take when I saw his name. I was like "wait a minute, Didn't he get shot shot shot up?"

then for a split second i was like "whoa he survived that and is now a cab driver."

I was saddened about how that story must have moved along. Man gets racially profiled by police who thought he was up to no good because he just happened to be outside. He freaks out cuz he's like "why are they watching me?" They chase him down an alley way and when he takes out his wallet to maybe show them an ID or something, the adrenaline filled cops think its a gun and shoot him 50 times (the account in the book Blink is an interesting angle). Cut to 8 years later and the dude is a cab driver.

I texted a bunch of people. Reactions ranged from "Take a picture with him!" to "who?" I got online to find out. The man i was thinking of was, in fact, killed. Then i was disappointed with my faulty knowledge and even more disappointed with the people that said "who?" Guess that name is much more common than i thought.


S. Stover said...

Be sure and tell 'em Large Marge sent ya!

Abbi said...

This sounds like the perfect sequel to Ghost Dad!

baratunde said...

Amadou Diallo gets racially profiled and killed by NYC cops. His revenge, becoming ghost, driving a cab and actually picking up black people.

Me? I would just come back as Rambo and shoot the cops, but I appreciate the complexity of his theory of justice.

Scotty said...

I rode in a cab driven by Amadou Diallo one time, too! I thought it was just me.

It's either a popular name or an illegally acquired hack license...

BloggersDelight said...

Wow. There were people who didn't know that name and you're based in nyc?

Buddylittle said...

Its a popular name in West Africa, akin to John Smith or Matt Taylor stateside.

~joke killer

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