Friday, December 09, 2005

Another Insomnia Induced Session

I want to do more political material. The thing about it is, no matter what I do I don't feel like I know enough. And this world is changing so fast. I try to read The NY Post, the Daily News, The NY Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine and the Economist. I try to read them.

I have piles of Time and The Economist scattered all over my bedroom contributing to the mess that is my life and brain. I will buy one with the intent of reading it and a lot of the time, I get through a good portion of it, or at least certain stories that I find interesting. I try to cross reference different sources so that I get a fuller picture of what it is I'm trying to understand. Then I'll put the paper or mag down and say "I'll read the rest of that later" while I go browse blogs and myspace and IM with people I wouldn't be caught dead with in real life (That's a joke if you're one of them and you're reading this)

The other day I was given a Metro and I didn't finish it until later. A METRO! The thing is only 6 pages long! This paper was made for people that want information but don't actually care about it staying in their brains and I had a literary double take with it. DAMMIT!

It's just hard to know everything that's going on in the world unless you commit your life to it. And there are many people who do, but they specialize in knowing about a specific thing. Like South America's effect on the US, or Tribal Conflict in Africa, or how companies process their foods, or knowing exactly how much nutmeg to put in the nog. I think I get distracted because I'm trying to know it all. As a wise person once said "I know a lot about a lot of things, but I don't know everything about one thing."

I wish I was a joke writing machine. Give it time. Not everything comes out hilarious. Here's a joke I heard that was in a play I did a staged reading of today by Kara Lee Corthron (the play was by her, not sure if the joke is)

A rabbit and a bear are in a forest and they hate each other. One day they accidentally find a magic lamp. They were fighting and it fell out of a tree or something. They rub it and of course a genie comes out and grants them each 3 wishes. The bear goes first and he wishes to be the only male bear in the forest. Then he wishes that all the other bears in the forest were female. Then he wishes for there to be a lot of other bears in the forest. The bear, of course, is delighted. Then the rabbit has his turn. He points to the bear and says "I wish he was gay." BAZING

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