Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm now 25

Well the 18th was my birthday and i'm officially a quarter of a century old. Do i feel different? No. I'm still poor.

My favorite thing people said when i told them it was my birthday was "really? is it really your birthday?" Are there really that many people lying about their birthday's. I mean i know some people do it to get a free meal or a drink here and there, but do they go up to their close friends and say "It my birthday! Haha I'm joking! I'm a trickster! I totally fooled you! Even though I'm a close friend of yours I just gave you reason to never trust me about anything more important! And seeing how a birhday is really insignificant, you can't expect me to be honest about anything! MWAH HAHAHAHA! I'm an ingenious rapscallion"

People asked me what i wanted for my birthday, i just made it into a grocery list. "What do i want? Hmm, some paper towels would be nice. And some toilet paper. And maybe a few cans of Campbell's Chunky Soup. No, you know what? Its my birthday: i'm gonna be fancy. Campbell's Select."

I'm now in my hometown of Las Vegas, NV chillin with my Mom, Grandma, Step-Grandma, and Step-Dad. Most importantly though, I'm around my little sisters whom I adore. At least for the first few days. Its amazing how you could miss someone and not see them for 6 months, but once you do you're done with it in about 2 days of screaming and jumping. And by you, I mean me.

More later on my travels and also the story of the flight into Vegas sitting next to annoying tourists that made me feel nice and racist.


Anonymous said...


happy happy belated birthday. sorry i was a tool and didn't get to wish you one til now

hope you had a great one (you old man, you)


much, much love and i hope you enjoy the holidays!!

- rebecca

Lianne Stokes said...

Link me for your special day.

After all you owe me. I gave you herpies last year.