Saturday, March 11, 2006

General Experience

I have been having a great time out here in Aspen. Its been fun and difficult at the same time. For instance, the audience here is hard to read. I said a few times to a few different people that one of the biggest parts of stand up is knowing how to read your audience. "Know your audience" the adage goes. Its knowing that what plays in New York, isn't gonna play in Kentucky. Doing 20 minutes about the subway might just get you lynched (although it would take less than that for me I've heard).

BUT, the thing about the Aspen audience is that they are from all over the country. That makes them difficult to figure out in 7 minutes. Of course, having solid inpenetrable material would help, too bad for me.

I think that's just part of performing here. I've notcied that the gap between how I felt about a set and the feedback I get from random audience members is wide. I haven't really felt great about every set, but people have complimented me on the street. People I don't know that don't owe me anything have complimented me. Those are the people I care about the most. Strangers who like to laugh. It good to hear I made them laugh a little. Helps me sleep at night. That, and the horse tranquilizers.


Robin "redbone" Cloud said...

Just do your thing. I'm cheering for you back here in BK.

Jill said...

You make me laugh and I'm from New York AND South Dakota. So I think that's conclusive proof that you can make anyone in the world laugh.

Anonymous said...

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Mo! said...

hey anonymous asshole. you are the bane of human exiswten-oh wait it's a bot

I know the feeling. You feel you tanked and people say you did well. Keep up the funny for Strong Island.

Holy Crap! It's Amy!! said...

Just when I thought you couldn't be more awesome, you mentioned horse tranqualizers. I myself prefer woo woo tranqs, but horse tranqs work too.

Anonymous said...

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Elisha said...

this anonymous guy sounds like a real asshole. i bet if he was in your audience he would be hard to read on account of the free game system offers.

Mo! said...

yeah elisha. What a jerk

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