Thursday, March 16, 2006

Posty Mc Post: "Why I'm still exhausted"

My friend Josh Reynolds asked me to do the innagural episode of his new Podcast "Laugh Riot." Check it out here.

So Aspen is done and technically i'm still $50 away from being homeless (That's not true, the homeless are no laughing matter unless you saw one pee himself).

Soooo the trip back to NYC Yes. Let's talk about it shall we? BULLSHIT!! UTTER BULLSHIT!! I was to leave Aspen to Denver at 2:23 Sunday afternoon. The sky was clear the day was beautiful. Fellow comedian Lenny Marcus was to be on the same flight. Good, I thought, someone to travel with that I like. We get to the airport: fiasco. We see hordes of other people from the festival waiting for planes that had not yet come.

We do not get on a plane until 3 hours later. And we sit there because now its snowing and the pilot can't see far enough. We missed all the good weather and now we're sitting in the plane cuz there is not enough visibility. The snow clears up. We take off arriving at the Denver airport 30 minutes after the connecting flight back to New York. Lenny Marcus, Bob Powers and I deboard the plane with false hopes thinking they may have held the flight. No way. No hope. The plane that left Apsen right after ours arrived. It carried Russ Meneve, Chelsea Peretti, the Walsh Brothers, Sherry and Jacob Sirof and their baby Winter. They met the same fate.

We were given tickets and told the next flight wasn't until 7:30am the next morning. It was 7:30pm. Oh what a glorious 12 hours awaited us all.

After all agreeing that going to a hotel would be too much of a hassle we got something to eat. I got myself a personal pan pizza at a little place there in the Denver airport called "Wolfgang Puck." Just the name of the chef. Not a restuarant title there at the Denver airport. Then all of us sat and talked there at the Denver airport. I'll tell you something those Walsh Brothers can sure tell a story there at the Denver airport. Did I mention we were in the Denver airport? Chris and David Walsh told us the story of one of the first times Chris did stand up as part of a contest where he did 5 minutes to open for Bill Bellamy with feature act Michael Winslow (yes, Motormouth Jones from Police Academy). Needless to say it was torture. The crowd booed him from the moment he got on stage as a means to teach him a lesson.

We made our way over to the gate where we thought our plane would arrive. We sat. Talked. Laughed. Sat. Talked. Silence. Laughed. Talked. Shared. Silence. Chelsea asked me if I wanted to take a walk. We walked aroud the terminal with her fancy camera that also records video and we made a few silly clip which you can see here...eventually. We made these videos of us just appearing in places which were funny to us, but I'm not sure how much of that was caused by the delirium tremens we were experiencing. Is it normal laugh heartily while foaming at the mouth then bite the head off a baby Gecko? Shoulda got insurance by Geico fo yo baby!

We made it back to the gate cuz i realized the Walsh's were leaving soon and I wanted to say good-bye. We missed them. Then we sat. Talked. Laughed and eventually fell asleep.

The night was actually fun. It was pretty cool hanging out with funny people and seeing them close to a breaking point. So yeah, I was in the Denver airport for 12 hours (did I mention that), but it was Yeah. Sleep now


Kyria said...

If I had to two choose two Chalestown brothers to be stuck in the airport with for hours, it would always be the Walshes.

gramma said...

MAN! I'm a smoker! If I had to spend 12 hours in an airport I think I'd terrorize the place!

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