Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Old Man Saga Continues...

I found out I have quite the prestigious reader of my blog so it motivated me to write.

First off I had a great set last night at Poker Night hosted by Jack Kukoda and Dustin D'Addato featuring Sara Schaefer, Becky Yamamoto, Kurt Braunohler, Katherine Bryant and Elephant Larry. Also ran into Shayna Ferm and Sven Wechsler who came with me to Galapagos where I had a "quit comedy" night.


I didn't think he would be seeing how he had moved on to grabbing me when he was trying to talk to me. I arrived back in my apartment at 5:30am on Sunday morning after getting off a flight from LA. I walked into my apartment to see my roommate wide awake with some friends of his having a small bday celebration. I was surprised to see numerous people that were awake. I went to bed.

A few hours later there is a pounding on my floor like the old man was crucifying something by nailing it to his ceiling. Then the door buzzer would ring for long periods of time. I assumed he wanted to give us a taste of what he felt. Pound pound pound. Buzz buzz buzz. For a man that claims to be old and frail he sure has a lot of energy to get up on a chair pound very hard then go to the hallway to buzz our door then rinse and repeat.

My roommate admitted to me later that there were two people at his party that were particularly loud. I just love though that the old man equates all noise in the apartment with me. I was out of town for 2 weeks, but he pounded on my ceiling with gumption like I had been personally peeing in his bed while I was on the other side of the country. I almost respect him. Too bad I'm gonna have to destroy him.


sara said...

Oh thank jesus you wrote.

good luck today...

The Old Man said...

Too Much Noise!

Too Many Blog Links!

Vhy don't choo make quiet, Baron?

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