Sunday, April 09, 2006

Random Celebrity Sightings / Thing only I would notice

After driving back from Pittsburgh after doing a week of kick ass shows, I was walking down 5th Ave at about 4:30ish and saw who I believed to be Robin Givens. She was wearing a huge pair of sunglasses and i thought to myself "Damn! That black eye hasn't healed yet?"

The next day I flew to Vermont to do a show at Middlebury college with the hilarious Brad Lowery and Sherrod Small. On the way back to NYC the next day we see waiting to get on the smae JetBlue flight Mr. Luis Guzman of Boogie Nights fame. We said hello. I bet he was hoping not to get recognized.

Here are two things I recently noticed about...uh...things.
In the movie the Blues Brothers, the Bros go to a church where the preacher is none other than James Brown. There is a girl in the choir of that scene they keep cutting to, but she's barely recognizable until i realized it was Chaka Khan.

I saw the video for the song "Word Up" by Cameo. First off...strange. Strange. Strange. However, I wanted to let you know that the premise of it is cops breaking into a club to stop the youthful party goings on there which is of course a major theme of the 80s. And who, you ask, plays the detective that leads the police into their Orwellian roles? Why, LeVar Burton, of course. All you sucka DJs...

Once at an audition I ran into a man named Taimak. This man played a role in a movie that shaped my childhood. Only, THE LAST DRAGON!!! BRUCE MOTHERFUCKING LEROY!!! YOU DON'T KNOW, BITCH!! THAT WAS BRUCE LEROY!!! I freaked out a little. Recently, I purchased the DVD of said film (not movie, film) and you know what young actor had a bit part in the film? Huh? Wanna know? Seriously, do you? What? Ok, I'll tell you. William H. Macy.

Sometimes I have to say these pieces of random knowledge to free up space for more important things.


Frank Bell said...

shit, william h macy is in the last dragon??? imma have to watch that shite again...

sho nuff!!

Anonymous said...

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