Monday, May 22, 2006

Eat your heart out Robert McKee

Bazooka Joe Comics are structurally perfect. I attended a performance last night of a friend named Dan Zaitchik who is a wonderful composer. He's one of those people that does something better than you could ever do it so why try.

He was kind enough to put snacks on the different tables including delicious Bazooka Joe Gum.

Here's two comics that have a clear beginning, middle and end.

(JOE and Kid 1 see Billy approaching)

KID 1: Here's comes Billy with his new watch again!

JOE: I'll fix him.

(enter Billy with his nose turned up)

BILLY: My watch is always right.

JOE: Yeah, well this watch fell in the river, a year later it was still running.

BILLY: The watch?

(while walking away)

JOE: No, the River.

~~Ooooooh, Snap!!!~~

(JOE and DUDE are walking to school.)

DUDE: I think I'm going to flunk my history test today on account of sickness.

JOE: You're sick?

DUDE: No, but the fellow I copy from is home with a cold!!


I expect proofs of my thesis in my comments.


Susie said...

I think you are right on Baron. The proof? In the Bazooka pudding. Ya know, I almost got a gig writing for a revamped Bazooka Joe last year.
All I can tell you is their commitment to making the joke solid is still there, however each joke must strain to involve technology in some way. Also there are a slew of new characters, including an asian kid who loves to DJ, a latin kid who was kooky and one black kid! The black kid is... drumroll... a science geek and genius who's the best looking one, though he has glasses.

OK, aren't you sorry you asked? Nice running into you the other night in the village and I'm shocked I didn't know you blogged. Good stuff.

Josh said...

"the fellow..."

I from here on out will refer to you as "my fellow, Baron."

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