Saturday, April 02, 2005

Stereotypes....the sequel

Its quite jarring when you see someone who is a walking talking stereotype. Even when its a lesser version. For instance, I was just walking down the street enjoying a delicious frosty class of orange soda (Crush for you aficionados) and I wondered to myself how many white people are seeing me do this and thinking "I knew it"? I know at least one did because he came up to me, stuck his finger in my face and exclaimed, "I knew it! You people love Orange Soda!" Then he threw a chicken wing at me and ran away laughing with glee. It does bring up an interesting question though. What happened to all the Stereotypers? I mean there used to be a lot of people who acted in a particular way which is where the type came from, but then they kind of faded into the fold. Maybe its that I live in New York and so I'm used to certain types and don't question them and the ones I'm subconciously looking for don't appear as often. Maybe its that I'm conciously thinking about my subconcious which doesn't make it sub anymore and I tune out to my immediate surroundings. So I'm not thinking about those types until they magically appear...and when they show up? Hoo Doggies!

I was walking down the street with some friends of mine and then one of the gayest men I've ever seen walks by. He had the swivellenest hips I had ever seen and the patented gay lisp. He sounded like they transposed Will and Grace for a partly snake audience. My friend looked at him and said "What a Faggot." Now here's the kicker: my friends were gay. Last time I checked gay men don't really use "faggot" like black people say "niggah." Sup my Faggot? Faggot, puh-lease! But apparently my friends felt this man was doing gay men an ill service.

I can relate. Everytime I see a black guy walking down the street with a chicken wing in one hand and a half eaten watermelon in the other with 3 illegitimate kids walking behind him fighting over a glass of red Kool Aid until one of them drops it prompting the dad to say "I told ya'll to share Dammit!" simultaneously yelling at his baby's mama over a cell phone "i been looking for a job all day" I think to myself - Dammit! He's ruining it for everyone else.


When I see a 65 year old Republican guy driving down the street in a yellow HumVee with an "I Love Bush" bumper sticker next to a "Fuck Iraq" sticker blasting the hits of Lawrence Welk + Foreigner while his wife sews doilies and complains about their renegade son who's turned into an environmentalist bleeding heart pussy while the man throws Columbian babies out the car window denying any knowledge of sweat shops over the phone while his pockets grow $20 bills that he uses to light illegal Cuban cigars until he pulls over and jumps out his car to shoot his guns in the air like Yosemite Sam - everytime I see that I say "I knew it."

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