Sunday, June 11, 2006

Um yeah...

So on Friday June 9, 2006, the New York Post had a cover that shocked the shite out of me. A picture of the newly dead Al-Zarqawi with a cartoon voice bubble that said "Warm Up the Virgins." Wow. Distasteful. I mean, yes, its good he's dead but COME ON!

Ever walked into a store with a specific request? You knew exactly what you needed. You looked around and said to yourself, "Hey what happened to my garden shears? I needed those." So you go to a hardware store, go right up to an employee and say "Excuse me, I need some garden shears." For some reason, there are people who will offer you something completely different that you do not need, that's not even related to what you need.

"Well we don't have those? You want some lightbulbs?"

Huh? That's the furthest away from what I need.

"What about a lampshade?"

No. I specifically need garden shears!

That's how I feel about Osama Bin Laden. We continue to be offered other things, but never got what we went to get in the first place.

I got a passive aggressive automated message. I called a friend and the voice said "This customer has chosen not to receive incoming calls." Really? Why would someone chose to not receive incoming calls? Why would someone chose to not have one of the 2 primary reasons to have a phone? I get in touch with that person a little later and she tells me "I can't pay my bills." Hmm, so that means. Her cell phone company was being a smart ass. "Uh yeah, this person has chosen not to receive calls because they haven't paid there bill. Paying your bill means you want a phone. Apparently, this person does not want one. So you see, they've chosen not to receive calls. I've made my point." Quite a service.


Stacy Green said...

I'm more than shocked at that article cover.

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