Monday, August 14, 2006

Pissed Off (in more ways than one)

You have to imagine me saying "in more ways than one" in a funny high pitched voiced with a South American accent.

So one of my best friends, Chanelle (she loves it when I put "best friend" and her name in the same sentence), is doing a play outdoors in a park right now. Its the Classic Greek "The Bacchae." They had a cancellation. They had to cancel their show which is outside. They had to cancel their show is which they role around on the ground. Did I mention it was outside?

Here's an email I got from Chanelle about why they had to cancel...

"So i went to my call last night and was getting into costume, i thought it was unusually quiet and had that weird feeling that somehow the show was not going to happen, but as i was applying the clay i figured, ah, guess it is...

there's this homeless guy who it seems is very upset that we are in his space, and has had some confrontations with the directors, he kind of looks like he thinks he's a figure in one of the bars in star wars, he has a palm pilot and a strange monocle, and wears this cloak. so anyway, one of the tech guys caught him dousing the entire stage and seating area in bottles of his urine, so by the time we arrived the stage and benches were wet with a mixture of urine and lemon cleaning fluid. so we had to cancel the show because we couldn't run or roll around as we needed to...cancellation due to pee."

I argue that a play would be more interesting if you knew you might be sitting in pee.

Euripides' The Bacchae
Fri-Sun, 8:30pm
Aug 4th - Aug 27th
Riverside Park
89th & Riverside Dr


Anonymous said...

I'm there!

Anonymous said...

Will you please come do more shows at Brooklyn Comedy Club? We miss you. I saw you on the train once. That wasn't at all funny.

Stiletto Tongue said...

You gotta admit though. The element of urine does play well with greek tragedy. Heavily symbolic of catharsis and transcendance (you know, that ah feeling when your bladder is empty). Some might call it: Urinepedes.

Anonymous said...

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