Saturday, August 26, 2006

Someone to Watch

I'm gonna start doing a new regular feature on this blog that features an actor (gender neutral term) that is making a career for themselves. These are people that you may have heard of or seen but you don't really know their names or where they came from. The first person I want to mention is Missi Pyle.

Missi graduated from North Carolina School for the Arts with a BFA in Acting in 1995 and since then you've seen her doing her thang in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Tim Burton - Violet's Mom), Bringing Down the House (great fight scene with Queen Latifah - the best part of the movie to me), Galaxy Quest (the aliens that falls for Tony Shaloub's character), and Dodgeball (the scary unibrowed woman on Ben Stiller's Dream Team).

I don't remember who it was I was speaking with about her the other day, but we talked about how she's one of those actor's that just adds a special something to every movie she's been in. Doesn't really matter how random the movie or the role, she's fun to watch. She's having fun and that translates across the screen. She doesn't have that thing of taking herself too seriously. That doesn't mean she's not believable. She's definitely believeable. But her sense of fun allows her to lend personality to things that aren't that steeped in reality. Look at her list of roles again. It makes me very interested to see what she'd be like in a "serious" role. I'd love to see her in a play. I'm sure she'd have a confidence and presence that allows her to lend some subtlety to each moment. Either that or I have a weird crush on her.


Matthew M said...

Uhhh...that would have been me. We talked about her on the train late one night on the way home...we met last week in Union Sq.

You missed a good bar crawl last night. Fauxy and Brian Van say hello...


mekayla said...

Missy Pyle is an amazing actress.

i loved her in Soul Plane