Monday, February 27, 2006

Another way they get you...

The clothes the clothes the clothes.
Oh the clothes. Time to get dramatic.

We've all heard the term "Corporate Dress." We all need to look "professional" so that the "environment" is "conducive" to "work." Appearances are everything.

There's no other way of dressing that makes people look more like soulless shiftless drones (except maybe bee costumes- a whole office of people in bee costumes). The dull tones and sleek lines may sometimes by aesthetically pleasing, but the purpose is sinister. You look a little like a robot and act a little like a machine which is tragic since most people work long hours and spend so much time in those clothes. They spend the majority of their day in the fashion of a drone. That's why it feels so good to take those clothes off. The wind down is very neccesary. You get to shake of that office jargon and constant attention to appearance and political correctness (which breeds passive aggresion) and put on whatever makes you feel like you and lounge around. To some people, it is an event. The shoes finally come off (tight dress shoe or heels), the tie comes undone (the little noose around your neck there as a reminder that at any moment the stool underneath you can be kicked away and you will die), maybe some music goes on, maybe the TV, maybe some ice get to decide and that's the whole point you're finally or your time, but it pales in comparison to how much you're on their time.

Some people don't wind down. They have to take work home or they're always connected thanks to the various blackberries, treos, sidekicks and other knick knacks that make you constantly connected. You're always reachable therefore you're always still working. We've happily made our time into an extension of their time. Hey, we think its more convenient! That's how they get you. We shouldn't always be connected cuz then we make our own time expendable. Sleep especially. Some people treat sleep like its a timewasting nuisance. Um, its SLEEP!! But no, its ok. Just drink more coffee that'll get you to 5 o clock.

We all know a person that works very hard and is very tightly wound. When that person parties or goes out, its usually a MESS. They try to cram an entire weeks worth nay an entire months worth of partying into one night and most of their friends end up having to take care of them for the rest of the night. Nice.

Corporate dress is the modern day equivalent to the brand. You can't brand your slaves...I mean employees anymore, but you can make them all look the same. That means they are owned.

St Peter don't ya call me cuz i can't go/ i owe my soul to the company store.

Ah, nothing better than a messy essay. Can you tell I refused to write papers in high school and college?


Anonymous said...

on a serious note, you may be interested in this new book called 'covering' by some yale law professor. It addresses how civil rights violations are subtlely getting worse. example: you cant discriminate against someone of color bc they its an immutable characteristic; however, you can discriminate against someone with corn rows or dreads bc hair is mutable. So one ignores the fact that the majority of dreaded folks are black, ignore that this is discrimination and force them to 'cover-up' their black hair. He gives lots of other good examples. Just food for thought.

Kyria said...
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chan mar said...

Darlin' I am loving 'another way they get you'. It is your patriotic duty to contiue on and I will fuel you with my temp experiences.