Friday, February 03, 2006

A Tid TIP Bit

I was just at my local bagel shop...

(Hi, I'm the section of this entry that will express ironic disbelief at the things Baron does so as to examine a cultural sterotype. So with that said....ahem....What!? Black guy eating bagels!? Next thing you know a Vietnamese guy will be talking about his love of knishes!)

...and I realized that when I'm at a place that has a tip jar, I will go out of my way to make sure someone sees me put money in the tip jar thus ensuring a pleasant interaction the next time I walk into that establishment.

(What?! A Black leaving tips!?)

I'll stand there and clear my throat like an emphysemic choking on a piece of chicken...

(Chicken! I knew it they loved that stuff!)

...and once I have someone's attention I raise my hand into the air and make a dramatic arm drop placing my money in the tip jar.

(! JAR!? Like a jar band! Which they have in the south! You know what else they have in the south? BLACK PEOPLE!)

Sometimes I'll have a little turrets while doing it, "Thank you TIP for the wonderful TIP service. TIP see TIP ya TIP later."

(I got nothing.)


Kyria said...

I have that special last name that is generally Jewish but occasionally black, of which I am probably neither. As a non-black, non-Jewish person (almost), I have to admit that bagels are a good idea, but mostly they are a tasty treat.

I tip my hat to the bagel.

People Paula said...

I don't think the section of the entry "that will express ironic disbelief at the things Baron does so as to examine a cultural sterotype" needs any introduction at this point. We kind of expect it. ;)

Benari said...

You are welcome for the bagels.


The Jews

Jodi said...

I, a Jew, do the same thing when I'm buying sauerbraten at the All-Day/All-Nazi corner store here in the shtetl!