Thursday, February 16, 2006


I'm starting to think that "Too much noise" is the just the old man downstairs's way of saying Hello and Goodbye

HIM: Too much noise.

ME: Too much noise to you too, sir. Its a beatiful day isn't it.

HIM: Indeed it is. Well I'll talk to you later. Too much noise.

ME: Too much noise.

Oh if only it were like that. The other say I said to him. "More Noise? No Problem." Here's the rub. Sarcasm only works if you speak the same language as the person you are sarcazing. I wouldn't understand sarcasm in French nor would a Frenchman understand sarcasm in Chinese nor would a Chinaman understand sarcasm in Portuguese nor would a Portugalman understand sarcasm in English.

"You must speak the same speak" is actually the first principle of the philosophy of Sarcasm as established by the great Greek thinker Sarcasmocles who was known for sitting in groups with Aristotle going "Oh, that is sooooo smart. You really are soooo wise" after everything he said. As we all know, Sarcasmocles was the disciple of Insecureassholenes the other student of Socrates who traveled the countryside with Plato saying to him "You know what? Fuck you!! You think you're better than me? I hate you!!"

Of course the debate still rages today over whether Passive Aggressive or Aggressive Aggressive is the best way to be a dick. Guess Old Man MeanyHead will be my subject.

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Kyria said...

There's an insane woman in my building who told me: "get back inside the television where you belong".

Next time I see her, I'm dropping a "too much noise" her way.