Monday, February 06, 2006


below me lives a very mean old man.

above me lives a very nice old man.

i'm caught in an old man vortex!

old man vortex had a space/time continuum
and in this space/time continuun he had a black hole
with a nothing can escape it
not even light
here a hole
there a hole
everywhere a black hole
old man vortex had a space/time continuum

i love the fact that the majority of people in this country first heard of the space/time continuun thanks to Doc from Back to the Future. Nice.

Seriously though. The guy downstairs thinks its my personal mission to make banging noises at 3 in the morning which isn't true. There have been a few nights when i'll drop something or knock something over in my sleep. But one noise a week isn't a consistent banging every night. But try telling that to an angry old man who speaks no english except for the phrases "Too much noise!" "Please no more!" and of course everyone's favorite hit "I call police!"

You know what? CALL 'EM! I ain't afraid, beeeeyatch! I'm secure enough in my negroninity (i mean this in the sense that someone would say they're secure enough in their masculinity to say another guy is attractive) to talk to the police. I got nothing to hide. I'll simply show them that I knocked over my marijuana smoking device or that one of my black market babies got out of its cage and they will look at me and say "Sorry we bothered you!" and I can get back to making my bomb then get some sleep. GOOD DAY, SIR!

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